10 Year Old, India Government Registered Public Limited Company selling ERP with source code having 2600+ satisfied clients round the world with 16 Modules Start You Own IT, Software Development or ERP Company to Sale the ERP in your country under your own brand name since you are the complete owner of the source code.

ERP with Source Code

We are basically ERP Software and Web Development based company in India, having business turnover around $15.8M Per year. We have started to develop our ERP since 2006, still now we are upgrading our ERP product depending on the business needs of clients through Research & Development (R&D) process.

We want to sale our ERP With Source code copyright

It is a Web based ERP Developed in ASP.NET 4.0 (C#), WCF, and Database Ms SQL Server 2008 R2.

Advantages and Benefits of using vERP

  • vERP Allows a high level of Business Growth.

  • Process Properly Managed Data and Data Accuracy.

  • Maximum utilization of Manpower.

  • Order tracking, from acceptance through fulfillment.

  • Managing inter-dependencies of complex processes bill of materials.

  • vERP allows inventory levels to be kept at maximum efficiency and the company to be more profitable.

  • Integration among different functional areas to ensure proper communication, productivity and efficiency.

  • Permits control of business processes that cross functional boundaries.

  • Reduces the risk of loss of sensitive data by consolidating multiple permissions and security models into a single structure.

  • Tracking the three-way match between purchase orders (what was ordered), inventory receipts (what arrived), and costing (what the vendor invoiced).

  • The accounting for all of these tasks: tracking the revenue, cost and profit at a granular level.

  • Consolidation of finance, marketing and sales, human resource, and manufacturing applications.

  • Shorten production lead-time and delivery time.

Our Modules



Data Admin


HR & Payroll


Sub Contracting

Doc Management


Point of Sale





Project Management

User Admin

Advantages and Benefits of using
vERP with Source Code

  • A complete ownership of the source code, no hidden terms & condition involved.

  • One Time Investment no need to pay a huge user licensing and annual maintenance fees (AMC) per year which generally required from All ERP Service Provider

  • Do Customization as per your need since you are the owner of the source code

  • A hassle free source code transfer process which will include Project Documentation, DFD, ERD, Database Schema, Database and Comments, purpose and uses on Every Class and Function and Variable in the source code

  • Training to your existing stuff, management from Use of ERP, DB, and Source Code

  • After sales support onsite at Your Office including manpower support starting from Highly Trained Engineers to Management Level Employee ( If needed required- Extra Chargeable)

  • Start You Own IT Company to Sale the ERP in your country under your own brand name since you are the complete owner of the source code.

  • Exclusive ERP Source Code Ownership program 1 Country 1 Exclusive ERP Source Code Owner, under this program we will sale the source code to only one company to a particular country (Terms & Condition Applied)

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Food Processing


Health Industries


IT Services


Media Entertainment

Public Sectors

Paint & productions

Tours & Travels

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